Listen to New Release: “Stand Up”

This timely song, Stand Up, was just released, with a positive message of trying to get people to work together for peace, for peace in Israel, for peace in Ukraine, for peace everywhere, which it turns out requires some effort and maybe a little pain. John Sawoski’s former next-door neighbor in Hollywood, Ryan Moore (Disney TV songwriter and DEVO keyboard… Read More

Yancha’h Hashem – Song and Prayer for the People of Israel

Just released: Shmueli’s beautiful and inspiring new song “Yancha’h Hashem” (rough translation: “you are enough”) straight from the heart of Israel, written (last Wednesday at 4 am) and sung by Shmueli, mixed this week by Freddie Fabian, with piano, string, and percussion tracks played and produced by John Sawoski (last weekend). Listen below, or on your favorite music streaming service… Read More

“Believe” now available on streaming

“Believe,” the album by singer-songwriter Shmueli, produced by John Sawoski and featuring an orchestra including some of the world’s top studio musicians, has just been released on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and many other streaming platforms worldwide. Listen to the album and take a wonderful musical journey with Shmueli’s incredible voice and beautiful songs. Shmueli’s… Read More

I Believe In Love (Remastered 2023) CD from 2001 re-released on streaming services

Million Oaks Records has re-released this memorable collection of relaxing yet passionate music played by John Sawoski, originally released on CD and in 2001. Perfect for filling your home with a peaceful, calming ambiance, or setting the mood for entertaining. Featuring notable classical compositions by Edvard Grieg and J.S. Bach, music by film composers like John Williams, Henry Mancini,… Read More

What’s Shakin (Original TV Pilot Soundtrack from 1997) Released

Alter Idem Productions has released a collection of several tracks produced and composed by John Sawoski for a 1997 TV Pilot called “What’s Shakin,” featuring John Sawoski on keyboards and Chris Colangelo on electric bass. To stream on your favorite music streaming service, please click here. Or listen below from Spotify. For more information about John Sawoski’s composing, please see:… Read More

John Sawoski Bio

John Sawoski, born in Philadelphia, has been a Los Angeles-based multi-keyboardist, composer, and musical director since 1985. Besides serving as principal keyboardist for The Pageant of the Masters Orchestra, The Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra, The Riverside County Philharmonic, and The Capistrano Valley Symphony (which Sawoski has also guest conducted), he has performed with The Los Angeles Master Chorale Orchestra, Andrea Morricone’s Amor Symphonic Orchestra, The Pasadena Pops, The Long Beach Symphony, The Pacific… Read More

Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde

John Sawoski will be guest keyboardist with Salastina this coming Sunday night, June 11, 2023 at 7:30 pm on Mahler’s “Das Lied von der Erde” (Song of the Earth). Composed during an incredibly difficult period of converging crises in Mahler’s life, this piece — based on classical Chinese poetry — is about the beauty and transience of life. It’s sublimation… Read More