Conducting a string section at Firehouse Studios in Pasadena.


John Sawoski has arranged and produced material for:

  • Can’t We Be Friends by Judy Whitmore, arranged and orchestrated by John Sawoski (with Michael Patterson), released November 2020, featuring 53 musicians recorded at Capitol, Igloo Music, and Tom-Tom Studio (Budapest)
  • Act Three  by Act Three, arranged and orchestrated by John Sawoski (with Michael Patterson), released July 2016, featuring 30 musicians recorded at Capitol
  • Believe (CD) by singer-songwriter Shmueli, orchestrated and produced by John Sawoski, released in August 2013, featuring 30 musicians recorded at 5 studios (recording session pictured above).
  • Cinema Amore, John Sawoski’s Solo Piano CD released in July 2013
  • The Leading Ladies (of Broadway) CD
  • Several film and TV scores (such as Winning Ugly, Showboy, and others) and live theatrical projects
  • The CD Van Nuys Blvd., by The Adam Yurman Project (Pop Album), Crown Records, Tokyo
  • Children’s Christian Rock albums: Singing Morning & Evening PrayerPsalms & Acclamations, and Centering Music, Resource Publications, San Jose, CA.
  • White Boys From New Jersey
  • A Moment with Rozlyn, American Cable TV
  • The Feast of Lights, by Tannoz
  • Many other projects, including countless demonstration recordings for numerous artists, many at his own studio. Please click here for complete resume.

 John Sawoski’s recording studio is ideal for:

  • production music and sound effects
  • CD production and pre-production
  • TV & radio announcements
  • film-scoring
  • voice-over demos
  • song demos
  • composition demos
  • instrumental demos
  • digital audio editing

John Sawoski’s state-of-the-art studio was designed by architect Douglas Humphries of DadaDesign, and constructed and finished February 12, 2003. It includes a large rehearsal/live room, vocal/isolation room, a Yamaha G2 acoustic piano, multi-track digital audio recording systems with networked Windows and Macintosh computers, running the latest versions of ProTools, Logic, Cakewalk, Finale Music Notation Software, and Sibelius; and even an old Mac running StudioVision Pro, Roland MC-50 Sequencer, Panasonic SV-3700 DAT deck, Toshiba DX-900 Digital PCM Recorder, Extensive Eastwest/Quantum Leap Sound LibrariesEMAX-II Sampler, Roland RD-800, Roland RD-700GX Stage PianoRoland D-50, Korg M1, Tannoy PBM-08 Studio Monitors, Sound Ideas Sound Effects Libraryand more.

If you are interested in having John Sawoski arrange, orchestrate, produce, or play on your recording project, please see (the password is available by clicking here)