Piano-Playing Audio Clips

Oscar Mayer Ham Commercial, John Sawoski, piano. Featuring Tom Poston on voice-over.  J. Walter Thompson, Chicago, 1996.

Chopin Fantaisie-Impromptu Excerpt, John Sawoski, pianist with orchestra, live concert performance.

Star Wars Rehearsal, John Sawoski, piano. Music by John Williams. John says: “Did you ever wonder what it feels like to sit at the piano during the first run-through of an orchestra concert? I almost forgot, since every orchestra shut down for quarantine. Fortunately, I saved this audio clip for reference at an orchestra rehearsal. Not bad for a first reading.”

Adios Nonino Cadenza, John Sawoski, piano. Music by Astor Piazzolla. Pianist John Sawoski plays the cadenza which was typically performed as a solo by Astor Piazzolla’s pianist when Piazzolla performed “Adios Nonino.” This cadenza is usually played before the entrance of the bandoneon (or other) soloist and the rest of the band or orchestra, playing the main tune. Recorded 3/26/2010 at John Sawoski studio, Los Angeles. Stream it on Spotify or your favorite music service here.

Chopin Scherzo #2 in B-flat Minor, John Sawoski, piano. Recorded on the Quantum Leap Pianos Steinway by John Sawoski at The Sawoski Music Group Studio, edited by Nick Phoenix and John Sawoski, and mastered by Ron McMaster. It is included on the CD Cinema Amore.

Cinema Paradiso Excerpt, John Sawoski, piano. Recorded on the Bechstein concert grand piano at EastWest Studios by Rhys Moody, edited by John Sawoski, and mastered by Ron McMaster. It is included on the CD Cinema Amore.

Jacques Ibert Flute Concerto Excerpt, John Sawoski, piano. Zachary Valenzuela, flute. This excerpt is from the album Masterworks for Flute, recorded and edited in April 2009 by John Sawoski at The Sawoski Music Group Studio.

Chopin Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor, recorded in 2022 at The Sawoski Music Group Studio using a Yamaha G2 piano with Mojave MA-300 mics.

In this scene from the movie Showboy, the lead character tours the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas and fantasizes about playing a piece that sounds like something Liberace would play (actually composed and performed by John Sawoski). Recorded on an early piano sample library.

John Sawoski recently played piano for a BBC-TV movie, “Donald Campbell: Speed King.” Using rare archive and first hand testimony from those who knew him intimately, this film explores the life of Donald Campbell, one of Britain’s most compelling but doomed heroes. In this clip, underscored with “Autumn Leaves” played by John Sawoski, Donald Campbell’s wife, Tonia Bern-Campbell, is introduced by her step-daughter Gina, then we see Tonia Campbell interviewed in 2012 in Los Angeles, interspersed with Tonia singing in a night club performance.
Julia Lester ‘The Secret Garden’ Hold On I Ahmanson Theatre – John Sawoski, Pianist / Associate Conductor
‘The Secret Garden’ 2023 | Ahmanson Theatre – John Sawoski, Pianist / Associate Conductor

“Hello Molly” – Opening Scene from The Starter Wife Season 1, Episode 6: “The Ex-Files.”
First broadcast on the USA Network November 7, 2008, starring Debra Messing.
“Hello Dolly” by Jerry Herman. Music adapted, arranged, orchestrated, and conducted as “Hello Molly” by Rick Fleishman. John Sawoski, pianist; and John Sawoski, keyboardist. Other musicians: Jeff Bunnell and Bob O’Donnell, trumpet; Les Benedict, trombone/bass trombone; Steve Carr, tenor sax; Paul Morin, bass; Paul Goldberg, drums; Delia Park, violin; Bobby Korda, violin; Joel Lish, viola. Recorded July 29, 2008 at Entourage Studios, North Hollywood, CA.
The Room Swayin’ and the Band Playin’ – During the recording session, at 11:42 am, the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area experienced its largest earthquake in years as a magnitude 5.4 event occurred 8.5 miles beneath the Chino Hills. This earthquake was felt across much of southern California, and as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada.

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