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Highlights of Albums, EPs, and Single Recordings John Sawoski has played on, arranged, orchestrated, or produced. Click links for more details and to listen. During the early days of MP3s, John Sawoski’s independently-released MP3s were played via streaming audio over 130,000 times on, and several of his recordings topped the listening charts (click here and here to see example charts). Since then, he has been hired to play, arrange, orchestrate, conduct, and produce many other people’s recording projects, including commercials, classical and jazz recordings, film scores, Broadway-style albums, religious recordings, and more, with ensembles ranging from solo piano to more than 50 musicians.

If you are interested in having John Sawoski arrange, orchestrate, produce, or play on your recording project, please see (the password is available by clicking here)
Stand UpStand Up – by Ryan Moore and John Sawoski – featuring John Sawoski on vocals and piano. Full info here. Instrumental version here.
All My Life (Acoustic Version) – by Ryan Moore – featuring John Sawoski on piano with Mariko Muranaka on cello, with cello arranged by John Sawoski. Co-produced by Ryan Moore and John Sawoski. Instrumental version here.
Crossing Over – Michele Patzakis and John Sawoski
Cinema Amore CDCinema Amore – John Sawoski, Solo Pianist
I Believe in Love (2001, re-issued in 2023). John Sawoski, Solo Pianist / Keyboardist, Arranger, Producer
Judy Whitmore - Isn't It RomanticIsn’t It Romantic – Judy Whitmore, produced and co-arranged by John Sawoski
What’s Shakin’ (Original TV Pilot Soundtrack from 1997) – Reissued Sept 8, 2023 – Music by John Sawoski
Judy Whitmore's "Can't We Be Friends"Can’t We Be Friends – Judy Whitmore, co-produced and co-arranged by John Sawoski
Act Three – Lynn O’Hearn Wagner, Judy Whitmore, and Billy Grubman, co-produced and co-arranged by John Sawoski
Believe – Shmueli, featuring John Sawoski, pianist, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, producer.
Masterworks for Flute (Zachary Valenzuela, Flute, with John Sawoski, Piano) recorded and edited in April 2009 by John Sawoski at John Sawoski Studio  

CD CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT Click here for a free sample

Below – Peter Sheridan, Low Flutes, with Phillipe Gaubert’s Madrigal transcribed, adapted, and played by John Sawoski, Pianist
Voodoo II – Robert Drasnin, with John Sawoski, Keyboards; Mike Lang, Piano; Bobby Shulgold, Flutes; Peggy Baldwin, Cello; and others
The Leading Ladies – John Sawoski, pianist/arranger/musical director


The Feast of Lights (Tannoz, featuring John Sawoski, arranger/orchestrator/conductor/pianist)
WBFNJ Album CoverNot Your Grandfather’s Album (Not) (WBFNJ, featuring John Sawoski, rapper/songwriter/producer)
Journey (Carl Rigoli Jazz Quartet with Strings, with John Sawoski, Improvised Synth Strings)
Example Clips: Una Bella Donna and Simply Elegant
Pasquale Square (Carl Rigoli Jazz Quartet, with John Sawoski, String Arrangements)


Couch, Los Angeles – Skip Heller, with John Sawoski playing piano on “Nun Seh Ich Woll” from Gustav Mahler’s Die Kindertotenlieder

 UltraModern Records

MOUP 6027 (1999)
The Pefect Year: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber – S.T.A.G.E. Benefit (2-CD set) – featuring The Leading Ladies (including Mary D’Arcy) and Frank D’Ambrosio singing “Memory” and a medley of songs from “Phantom of the Opera” – arranged and orchestrated by John Sawoski.
Tonia Bern-Campbell in Performance (out of print) – John Sawoski, pianist/musical director. Click for Inside cover and Program.
Tonia Bern-Campbell Love and Music (out of print) with John Sawoski, pianist/musical director. Click for Inside cover and Program.
All My Life by Ryan Moore, featuring John Sawoski, co-producer and pianist
Drummer Girl by Louise Palanker, featuring John Sawoski on piano, along with special guest Bob Cowsill
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Music for the Visual Media Demo CD



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