Yancha’h Hashem – Song and Prayer for the People of Israel

Just released: Shmueli’s beautiful and inspiring new song “Yancha’h Hashem” (rough translation: “you are enough”) straight from the heart of Israel, written (last Wednesday at 4 am) and sung by Shmueli, mixed this week by Freddie Fabian, with piano, string, and percussion tracks played and produced by John Sawoski (last weekend). Listen below, or on your favorite music streaming service by clicking here.

Shmuel Schwartz says:
“Due to the situation in Israel, and frankly all around the world- here is a song based on Psalm 20 where we can connect to the situation with our prayers. When we wage a physical battle, simultaneously we wage a spiritual battle. May Hashem gives us the strength to win in the most miraculous way!!!”

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