John Sawoski, Pianist / Keyboardist

John Sawoski at the piano in the studio

Solo Piano Demo

John Sawoski, Pianist

Assorted Live Excerpts… (recorded at a live performance)
Chopin Etude #5
The Shadow of Your Smile
Scratch My Bach (Peter Nero)
Everything Old is New Again (Peter Allen)
Kitten on the Keys (Zez Confrey)
Pretty Women (S. Sondheim)
Mozart Piano Concerto in A
Braziliera, from Scaramouche (Darius Milhaud)
La Costa (Natalie Cole)
Phantom of the Opera Medley
Blue Light Yokohama (Japanese pop song)
Grieg Piano Concerto, Mvt. 3 Theme 2

Two Studio Recordings:
I Believe in Love (Kenny Loggins)
Deja Vu
(Roger Laracque on drums, John Sawoski on keyboards.
Recorded at Phil Kenzie Studio and Art Munson Studio)

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