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Conducting a session at Old Firehouse Studios Pasadena

John Sawoski has arranged and produced material for:

 John Sawoski’s recording studio is ideal for:

  • production music and sound effects
  • CD production and pre-production
  • TV & radio announcements
  • film-scoring
  • voice-over demos
  • song demos
  • composition demos
  • instrumental demos
  • digital audio editing

John Sawoski’s state-of-the-art studio was designed by architect Douglas Humphries of DadaDesign, and constructed and finished February 12, 2003. It includes a large rehearsal/live room, vocal/isolation room, a Yamaha G2 acoustic piano, multi-track digital audio recording systems with networked Windows and Macintosh computers (running the latest versions of ProTools, Logic, and Cakewalk Sonar  Producer EditionFinale Music Notation Software, and Sibelius; and even an old Mac running StudioVision Pro, the Sonar V-Studio 700, Roland MC-50 Sequencer, Panasonic SV-3700 DAT deck, Toshiba DX-900 Digital PCM Recorder, Extensive Eastwest/Quantum Leap Sound LibrariesEMAX-II Sampler, Roland RD-800, Roland RD-700GX Stage PianoRoland D-50Korg M1Tannoy PBM-08 Studio MonitorsSound Ideas Sound Effects Libraryand more.